Custom graphic design services are available!

Impossible hilarity – at half the cost of my competitors!


Are you a random individual?  Do you like bitcoin and not altcoins or maybe hockey? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you are already half way towards engaging phneep and creating ridiculous and clever promotional material for whatever you have in mind (Posters, Banners, Posters of Bruce Banner, etc). The following are some suggested avenues, but there are surely many more:

  • Logo mash-ups
  • Parody movie/tv posters
  • Album covers
  • Cartoon combos

All I ask is that you bring something visual to the table. 


  • Projects with precise instructions are $35 CAD/hr (at tomorrow’s BTC exchange rate)
  • Larger and more vague pursuits should be narrowed down to the best of your ability.

Bitcoin happily and exclusively accepted.