if people think
that someone would put
this much effort
into all of this
phneep /fneep/,  n., v., 1. 1980’s late night TV censorship honk
2. phreelance graphic designer focused on decentralization

3. phneep is home to a personal blend of media mash-up
satire and social commentary. Much of my focus is on
bitcoin, but my other interests also crop up, such
as technology, politics, religion, art and of
hockey. I usually publish one
new piece a week, so please
check back in about
1,000 blocks.

I had a twitter for a while, but then I dunno.
Indefinite sabbatical.



My Instagram.
“Square pictures instead of internet.”



Bitcoin-Heineken_T_150For the bigger picture check out this 2015 interview
I did with Jamie Redman on bitcoin.com. My mind
has changed a bit on things like
land registry and
prediction markets, etc, but
it’s still a pretty good run down 🙂



Then there’s this little feature on TSN’s BarDown
that somebody took a shine to. If you don’t know
BarDown, don’t worry — it’s for us hockey rubes 🙂



For the time-stamp lovers in the audience,
check out the definitive phneep archive on Tumblr
for a full history of how we got to here.


And if you haven’t seen the Oscar-winning “Logorama”, well,
it’s truly worth 16 minutes of your time. Inspiring, some might say 🙂


And now this:

Paper Wallet More Than Just Series of Letters, Numbers

Facing an indefinite and potentially long period of time locked inside the darkness of a safety deposit box Wednesday, a young and emotionally raw bitcoin paper wallet stated that it wasn’t fair, that you’d see, that you’d all see, and that it was more than just a schmozzle of 34 letters and numbers. The wallet seemed adamant that it really had moxy, that it could really be something someday, that all it needed was a chance, see?

It went on to state that it could feel it, that it just knew that it was special, that, “you gotta believe me!”

Despite being informed that there were eight billion kajillion trillion other wallets just like it, either already in existence or just waiting to be randomly created, the wallet remained undaunted.

“That don’t mean nuthin’!” the wallet exclaimed, pounding its QR Code. “I know it! I can feel it! Right here! You don’t know how I feel! You don’t know where I’ve been! You got no right!”

In fact, the owner of the paper wallet, Bill Buckwald, did know where the paper wallet had been and thus did have every right, having generated it only hours before: off-line through the Open Source JavaScript Client-Side Bitcoin Wallet Generator at bitaddress.org.

Shortly after the impassioned plea, 1GsQT5o9uvT6Rb9xeO9YR7hi1Go was passed slowly through a 130° laminating device and locked safely away, never to be heard from again until after the imminent global economic apocalypse, or maybe for drugs.