\  phneep  /
an acerbic satirical assessment of asinine
assumptions about scarce assets
assiduously and
synchronistically assigning asymmetric 
value assessments
of associative
 analogues to antideleuvian advances in anti-
censorship. Sometimes anthropomorphic. 
Bitcoin satire
pioneer.  Aloof canon with a heart 
of gold 2.0.
Investor in deflationary egos / 
assets. Advisor
zero ICOs. Blogüscape influencer.
Heuristic hedonist. Hockey hocker.
Air-dropping knowledge
in the greater-bitcoin
area once a




My Instagram.
All the square goods
A surfer can handle.



Bitcoin-Heineken_T_150For the bigger picture check out this 2015 interview
I did with Jamie Redman. My mind has changed a bit
on things like
land registry and prediction markets, etc,
overall it’s still a pretty good run down.



Then there’s this cool feature
on TSN’s BarDown.
If you don’t know BarDown,
don’t worry, it’s for us hockey rubes 🙂



And for the time-stamp lovers in the audience:

The definitive phneep archive on
. Since February 2014.



Also featured in the continuously updated
reference archive for bitcoin media:
BTC Art GalleryHistory in the making.



I tried the twitter multiple copies of a giant excel spreadsheet for a while,
but then, I dunno. 
Indefinite sabbatical.





And if you’re here because of
Distributed Ledger Technology: